Pots for Flowers

Pots for Food
Pots for Fun

These tall vases were created for an Ikebana Conference at Tower Hill Botanic Garden. The floral designers found them overly decorated for their minimal designs. Others thought they were funky and fun.

This vase was fun to make. Its a round hole in a square peg!

This vase was created for Flora in Winter at the Worcester Art Museum.

These vases are just right for a garden bouquet.

Modelled on the flower brick, this vase should makes it easy to organize flowers.

This vase was created for a flower show and is carved in the Craftsman style.

These little vases are great for a small bouquet on your desk.

When I do a flower show and I can't find the right container for the flowers, I custom-make a pot to hold the floral design I envision. The pot is always secondary to the flowers.

This arrangement used two narrow rectangular vases of different heights. It interpreted an Arthur Dove painting called "Night Journey" which is seen at the left.

The Egyptian relief that inspired this design pictured a Nobleman Hunting on the Nile. The papyrus and agapanthus plants grow in Egypt.

This arrangement had an American Craftsman theme and used the carved vase above right.